Welcome to PBC Alumni Association online!

If you are visiting our site for the first time we invite you to browse our pages and learn more about our organization and its endeavors. If you are a return visitor we thank you for your continued interest and support. While much remains to be achieved we cannot overlook what has been accomplished since our inception and establishment of this web site.

Through membership contributions and the successful patronage of three annual fund raising events we have been able to make meaningful contributions to the Presentation Brothers College as well as other causes in Grenada. September 2002 marked the opening of the new wing to the school premises and the organization is pleased to say that we have thus far been able to repay one-third of the line of credit secured to fund this expansion.

A major accomplishment since this was the main goal set by PBCAA. In addition to the above accomplishment, PBCAA out-fitted two PBC students who were selected to try-out for the West Indies “under 19” team and provided the school with state of the art cricket, track and field and soccer equipment. Also, to complement the needs of the new General Hospital in St George’s, PBCAA donated medical equipment to the hospital. These accomplishments could not have been attained without your patronage.

PBCAA will continue to repay the outstanding line of credit and plans to refurbish the chemistry and physics labs. Your donations toward these projects will be greatly appreciated and as a 501(c) (3) organization, all donations are tax-deductible. You may make a donation online by clicking on the “Make a donation” button above or you may mail your donation to our mailing address listed on this web site.