Presentation College, St. George’s, Grenada, is a high school under the direction of the Presentation Brothers, a Catholic administration. Students of all faiths are admitted to Presentation College’s courses in both arts and sciences. Throughout its history, Presentation College has enjoyed the confidence of the educational authorities in Grenada, and many parents of various religious persuasions continue to seek places here for their sons.

During its early years, the college, though relatively small, established a reputation for instilling moral values, maintenance of high standards of discipline, and for effective teaching – particularly in the areas of mathematics and science. In addition to its academic, moral, and ethical standards, the College enjoyed a reputation for excellence in athletic activities The influence of the school has made itself known locally, regionally, and internationally. Throughout the Caribbean, North America, and various Commonwealth countries, Presentation Alumni are found as leaders in government, education, research, and other professional fields of endeavor. The present school was constructed in 1950.

It was originally intended to accommodate a student population of 150. However, when enrollment increased to 200 students, expansion of the curriculum and installation of additional classroom space and science laboratories became necessary. In 1980 the Government of Grenada introduced its policy of free secondary education, representing its intention to provide academic and training opportunities for as many of its young people as possible. Since that time, there has been increasing governmental pressure upon the College to provide additional educational places.

With the advancement in technology and further globalisation, we are acutely aware of the dynamic changes that are occurring in the world. Hence, we need to expand accordingly in order to have the necessary space, equipment, and academic resources at PBC, to continue delivering quality education to the youth of Grenada as well as to prepare them for the opportunities and challenges of our new world. Currently, enrollment totals 430 young men.

Teachers are under pressure to deliver quality education in classes that are in excess of 40 students. Recent requests for admission and governmental projections are indicative that, with adequate facilities and faculty, Presentation College could increase the number of its student body to 500 within a three-year period. However, the physical facility of the College remains small and in dire need of renovation. Hence, many hopeful applicants must unfortunately be denied admission.